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The Super Guide about Amazon Business Model is a complete guide on how Amazon industry works.


SUPER GUIDE: Amazon Business Model

The Super Guide about Amazon Business Model is a complete guide on how Amazon industry works.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. A Brief History Of Amazon?
    1. Four Key Waves
      1. 1994-2005
      2. 2005-2015
      3. 2015-2020
      4. 2020-Forward
  3. Who Owns Amazon
  4. Amazon’s Business Model
    1. Amazon’s Vs. Alibaba’s Business Models
    2. Different Amazon Business Models
      1. Retail Arbitrage
        1. Pros Of Retail Arbitrage
        2. Cons Of Retail Arbitrage
      2. Online Arbitrage
      3. Wholesale
        1. Pros Of Wholesale
        2. Cons Of Wholesale
      4. Private Label
      5. Drop-Shipping
      6. Handmade
  5. Amazon’s Business Model Canvas
    1. Amazon’s Customer Segments
      1. Sellers:
      2. Developers
      3. Buyers
    2. Amazon’s Value Propositions
      1. Low Price
      2. Fast Delivery
      3. Large Choice Of Products
    3. Amazon’s Channels
    4. Amazon’s Customer Relationships
    5. Amazon’s Revenue Streams
    6. Amazon’s Key Resources
    7. Amazon’s Key Activities
    8. Amazon’s Key Partners
      1. Sellers
      2. Affiliates
      3. Developers
      4. Content Creators
      5. Subsidiaries
    9. Amazon’s Cost Structure
  6. How Does Amazon’s Business Work?
    1. Consumers
    2. Sellers
    3. Developers And Enterprises
    4. Content Creators
  7. How Amazon Makes Money
    1. Amazon Marketplace
    2. Amazon Prime
    3. Amazon Web Services
    4. Amazon Kindle
    5. Amazon Patents
    6. Amazon Advertising
  8. Amazon’s Revenue Model
    1. Amazon’s Cash Machine
    2. Amazon’s Advertising Business
    3. Amazon Prime
    4. Amazon Aws
  9. The Amazon Fba Business Model
  10. What Is Fba?
    1. Examples Of Amazon Fba Listings
    2. How Does Amazon Fba Work
      1. Benefit From Amazon Prime
      2. Benefit From Amazon Affiliates
      3. Not Limited To Listing On Amazon
  11. The Cons Of The Amazon Fba Model
    1. Upfront Capital
    2. Choosing A Supplier
    3. Dealing With Suppliers
    4. Amazon Only Promotes Successful Products
    5. Reliant On Amazon
    6. Own Online Store Could Be More Profitable
  12. What Buyer Persona Best Fits The Amazon Fba Business Model?
    1. Portfolio Paul
    2. Diy Dave
    3. Flipper Fred
    4. Strategic Sally
    5. Growth Strategies
    6. Paid Traffic
    7. Build A Brand
    8. Build An Email List
    9. Social Media
  13. Amazon’s Business Strategy
    1. Amazon Employs A Long-Term Approach.
      1. Strengthening Amazon Ecosystem
      2. Uncompromised Focus On Customer Service
      3. Focusing On Amazon’s Leadership Values
      4. Focuses On The Long Term, Not The Short Term
      5. Strategy On Things That Don’t Change
      6. Opportunities And Not Failures
      7. Strong Values & Culture
      8. Competitive Prices
      9. Focusing On Seo & Ppc
      10. Diversified Patent Portfolio
      11. Investment In Different Technologies
      12. Amazon In Entertainment Sector
      13. Becoming A Logistics Powerhouse
    2. What Has Amazon Been Successful In?
    3. Statistics On Amazon’s Leadership
    4. How Does Amazon Respond To Competition?
    5. How Does Amazon Position Its Brand?
    6. How Does Amazon Maintain Leadership?
      1. Product Selection
      2. Offering Various Features And Services
      3. Continually Improves The Customer Experience
    7. How Does Amazon Respond To Failures And Setbacks?
    8. Amazon Acquisition Strategy
  14. What Makes Amazon’s Business Model Unique: The Pricing

    1. Dynamic Pricing
    2. Psychological Pricing
    3. Competition Monitoring And Repricing
  15. Amazon’s Virtuous Cycle
  16. Understanding Amazon’s Financial Model
  17. Amazon’s Digital Distribution
  18. Amazon’s Competitors
    1. Online Stores
    2. Walmart
    3. Alibaba
    4. Otto
    5. Jingdong (J.D.)
    6. Ebay
    7. Flipkart
    8. Rakuten
    9. Newegg
  19. Amazon’s Swot Analysis
    1. Amazon’s Strengths
      1. Brand
      2. Customer Orientation
      3. Innovation
      4. Cost
      5. Large Selection
      6. Partners
      7. Logistics
    2. Amazon’s Weaknesses
      1. Imitable Business Model
      2. Flops And Failures
      3. Workplace Conditions
      4. Dependence On Distributors
    3. Amazon’s Opportunities
      1. Expansion
      2. Physical Stores
      3. Acquisitions
    4. Amazon’s Threats
      1. Regulations
      2. Exploitative Labor
      3. Cybercrime
      4. Competition
      5. Recession
      6. Fake Reviews
  20. The Organizational Structure Of Amazon
  21. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Amazon Business Model Super Guide:

“The company is often thought to be only an e-commerce platform that helps connect sellers and buyers and acts as a middleman. However, the truth can be no further from this as the company has branches deeply rooted in computing and data processing, entertainment, Patents, book publication, and many more. Each of the many segments of the company works simultaneously and in tandem to create a vast, technologically advanced business empire.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

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Amazon Business Model

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