Pricing Strategies & Tactics

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Static pricing has to do with a situation where prices remain the same from day to day. While this allows for easy profit margin and revenue calculation, a business making use of a static pricing strategy loses customers due to their unwillingness to pay certain prices for a commodity.

SUPER GUIDE: Pricing Strategies & Tactics

Take the confusion out of pricing

How do you determine your pricing structure? It’s one of the toughest questions business owners face.

You have to stay competitive, but if your prices are too low, you’ll work long hours in an unprofitable business, only to see it fail.

Written for small business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs, Pricing Strategies & Tactics teaches you how to choose the most profitable pricing structure for your business.

You’ll learn how to increase your profits, grow the business, and build customer loyalty through long-term pricing strategies designed for success.

It doesn’t matter whether you run an e-commerce store or a brick & mortar service: Pricing Strategies & Tactics has unique lessons for companies in all markets and industries.

For one-person businesses, these pricing structures can save you from years of razor-thin profit margins.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a larger team, learn these strategies without hiring an expensive consultant (or be better prepared for when you do).

Read Pricing Strategies & Tactics and you’ll do more than just set your rates…you’ll take the confusion out of pricing and orient your business for long-term financial success!

Inside this Super Guide, you’ll discover:

 The “Four Cs” of a winning pricing strategy
 Pricing models for digital products, e-commerce, events and more
 14 questions to ask when choosing your pricing model
 How to manage self-doubt when pricing services
 11 practical tips for improving your pricing strategy

Take a look inside!

Read an excerpt from this Pricing Strategies & Tactics Super Guide:

“Static pricing has to do with a situation where prices remain the same from day to day. While this allows for easy profit margin and revenue calculation, a business making use of a static pricing strategy loses customers due to their unwillingness to pay certain prices for a commodity.

Meanwhile, in dynamic pricing, the business adjusts its prices to fit the different price points that consumers are willing to pay. This difference in prices most times is offered to customers through discounts and geographical pricing differences. The concept of dynamic pricing is further explained below and/or is related to some of these pricing strategies: Dynamic Pricing, Time-sensitive Pricing, and Sliding Scale Pricing.”

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Pricing?
    1. Static Vs. Dynamic Pricing
  3. What Is Cost?
  4. Pricing Vs. Cost
  5. What Is The Pricing Strategy?
  6. Pricing Strategy Vs. Pricing Tactics
  7. Pricing Strategy Vs. Pricing Policy
  8. What To Consider When Setting Your Pricing Strategy?
  9. Different Types Of Pricing Strategy
    1. Absorption Pricing
      1. Example Of Absorption Pricing
    2. Contribution Margin-Based Pricing
      1. Example Of Contribution Margin
    3. Cost-Plus Pricing
      1. Example Of Cost-Plus Pricing Strategy
    4. Creaming Or Skimming
      1. Example Creaming Or Skimming Strategy
    5. Decoy Pricing
      1. Example Decoy Pricing Strategy
    6. Differential Pricing
      1. Example Differential Pricing Strategy
    7. Double Ticketing / Dual Pricing
      1. Example Of Dual Pricing Strategy
    8. Freemium
      1. Example Of Freemium Pricing Strategy
    9. High-Low/Skimming Pricing Strategy
      1. Example Of High-Low Pricing Strategy
    10. Keystone Pricing
      1. Example Of Keystone Pricing Strategy
    11. Limit Pricing
      1. Example Of Limit Pricing Strategy
    12. Loss-Leading Pricing
      1. Example Of Loss Leader Strategy
    13. Marginal-Cost Pricing
      1. Example Of Marginal-Cost Pricing
    14. Odd-Even Pricing
      1. Example Of Odd-Even Pricing
    15. Pay What You Want
      1. Example Of Pay What You Want Pricing
    16. Penetration Pricing
      1. Example Of Penetration Pricing
    17. Predatory Pricing
      1. Example Of Predatory Pricing
    18. Premium Decoy Pricing
      1. Example Of Premium Decoy Pricing
    19. Premium Pricing
      1. Example Of Premium Pricing
    20. Price Discrimination
      1. Example Of Price Discrimination
    21. Price Leadership
      1. Example Of Price Leadership
    22. Psychological Pricing
      1. Example Of Psychological Pricing
    23. Performance-Based Pricing
      1. Example Of Performance-Based Pricing
    24. Sliding Scale
      1. Example Of Sliding Scale
    25. Target Pricing Business
      1. Example Of Target Pricing
    26. Dynamic Pricing
      1. Types Of Dynamic Pricing
      2. Example Of Dynamic Pricing
    27. Time-Sensitive Pricing
      1. Example Of Time-Sensitive
    28. Value-Based Pricing
      1. Example Of Value-Based Pricing
    29. Variable Pricing
      1. Example Of Variable Pricing
    30. Yield Management
      1. Example Of Yield Management
    31. Economy Pricing
      1. Example Of Economy Pricing
    32. Bundle Pricing
      1. Types Of Bundle Pricing
      2. Example Of Bundle Pricing
    33. Competitive Pricing
      1. Example Of Competitive Pricing
    34. Promotional Pricing
      1. Example Of Promotional Pricing
    35. Geographical Pricing
      1. Types Of Geographical Pricing
      2. Example Of Geographical Pricing
    36. Anchor Pricing
      1. Example Of Anchor Pricing
  10. Factors Affecting Pricing Strategies
    1. Internal And External Factors Affecting Pricing Strategies
      1. Internal Factors
      2. External Factors:
  11. The Importance Of Nailing Your Pricing Strategy
  12. Which Pricing Strategy Is Right For You?
  13. Price Elasticity Of Demand
    1. Elasticity Vs. Inelasticity Of Demand
      1. Main Difference Between Elastic And Inelastic Demand
  14. How To Create A Winning Pricing Strategy
    1. The Four Cs Of Pricing Your Product
      1. Customers
      2. Current Positioning
      3. Competitors
      4. Costs
  15. How To Improve Your Pricing Capabilities
  16. Setting Your Pricing Strategy: Key Questions
  17. Pricing Strategy Advice
  18. The Challenges Of Choosing The Right Service Pricing
  19. Strategy
  20. Pricing Policies For New Products
  21. Pricing Models Based On Industry Or Business
    1. Product Pricing Model
    2. Digital Product Pricing Model
    3. Restaurant Pricing Model
    4. Event Pricing Model
    5. Services Pricing Model
    6. Nonprofit Pricing Model
    7. Education Pricing Model
    8. Real Estate Pricing Model
    9. Agency Pricing Model
    10. Manufacturing Pricing Model
    11. Ecommerce Pricing Model
  22. How To Conduct A Pricing Analysis
  23. Pricing Strategies Faqs
  24. Conclusion

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts, and consultants if you want to dominate business models, this super guide was made especially for you.

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Pricing Strategies & Tactics Content

Pricing Strategies & Tactics Content

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Pricing Strategies & Tactics

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